Background Notes

The Green Man Appropriate starting point.  Situated very close to the site of the original Green man pub, demolished during the recent development of the former Mappin & Webb site.

 London Bridge Site of the oldest crossing point over the Thames

 Leadenhall Market So named because of its leaden roof.  Oldest provisions market to survive 20th century development.

 St Andrew's Undershaft Site of the original Maypole (or shaft) which towered over the adjacent church steeple.  Now marked by a plaque on the corner of Leadenhall Street.  After the May celebrations it was hung beneath the eaves of the houses in Shaft Alley.  In the third year of the reign of Edward VI (1550) the Maypole was taken down on the orders of Sir Stephen, the curate of St Katherine Cree to be chopped up.  It was distributed among local people who took the pieces indoors and burned them.  A metal replica hung on a wall nearby until the recent refurbishment.

 Old Watling Probably the last of the old City inns still standing, in the oldest street in London the old Roman road to Dover.

 St Giles Cripplegate The church where Oliver Cromwell was married on 22nd August 1620.  Under his regime, Maypoles and Mayday celebrations, amongst other things, were banned.

 At Paul's Cathedral   It was from St Paul's Cross, within the Churchyard, that Sir Stephen, railing against idolatry, ordered the destruction of the Maypole.

 Millennium Bridge One of the most recent bridges to be built across the Thames.

 Mick Skrzypiec